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Although consisting primarily of these two parts, aquaponics systems are usually grouped into several components or subsystems responsible for the effective removal of solid wastes, for adding bases to neutralize acids, or for maintaining water oxygenation.which prevents the water from flowing directly from the aquaculture part of the system to the hydroponics part.Some systems also include additional live components like worms.A Deep Water Culture hydroponics system where plant grow directly into the effluent rich water without a soil medium.

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There is a branch of aquaponics using saltwater fish, called saltwater aquaponics.The team made findings on rapid root growth in aquaponics systems and on closing the solid-waste loop, and found that owing to certain advantages in the system over traditional aquaculture, the system can run well at a low p H level, which is favoured by plants but not fish. An electric pump moves nutrient-rich water from the fish tank through a solids filter to remove particles the plants above cannot absorb.The water then provides nutrients for the plants and is cleansed before returning to the fish tank below.Inspired by the successes of the New Alchemy Institute, and the reciprocating aquaponics techniques developed by Dr.Mark Mc Murtry et al., other institutes soon followed suit. James Rakocy and his colleagues at the University of the Virgin Islands researched and developed the use of deep water culture hydroponic grow beds in a large-scale aquaponics system.

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