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However, Facebook came under fire last fall because those same ad targeting capabilities were being used to include or exclude users from ad campaigns based on their “ethnic affinity,” –meaning race.

Excluding certain races from housing and employment ads put the company in violation of anti-discrimination laws, including the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Propublica’s report pointed out at the time.

In the case of a false positive, the advertiser can also click a button for a manual review. Robin Kelly; the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Chairwoman Michelle Lujan Grisham; Rep. Cicilline, Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus; the American Civil Liberties Union; the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; the Center for Democracy & Technology; the NAACP Legal Defense Fund; the National Fair Housing Alliance; the Brookings Institution; and Upturn.

Advertisers who are posting ads for housing, employment and credit, but are targeting other audience segments on Facebook, will be also be asked to click a button to certify that they understand the updated anti-discrimination policy. Additionally, many of the organizations pressed Facebook for the opportunity to work with the company further on ways that ad technology could be used instead to promote inclusion and opportunity for the underserved communities, in addition to protecting against discriminatory uses.

The social network responded by saying it would disable ethnic affinity ad targeting for the ads that involved housing, employments or credit.

Specifically, these tools will identify housing, employment and credit opportunity ads and determine if they either include or exclude multicultural advertising segments – which are those consisting of people interested in seeing content related to the African-American, Asian American and U. An informational message will alert the advertiser of the violation, so they can correct the problem if need be.

Their happiness and depression levels went unchanged, "suggesting that the effect is specific to experienced loneliness," the researchers wrote.

And a drop in loneliness was linked to an increase in feeling more socially connected, which the researchers believe is the cause behind the positive effects of status updating.

Doing so pops up a window where the advertiser must read through the policy details, then agree that they will abide by its terms. “We believe in the power of our advertising products to create opportunities for people from all backgrounds, so we are committed to working with these groups toward that goal,” Facebook said, referencing those requests.

They must check a box and then click “Accept” to continue. However, it didn’t provide any information on what steps it may be taking next on that front at this time.

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