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The club is probably best remembered for the few years between 19 when iconic British and American blues, rock and soul acts regularly appeared there; acts such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis, Wilson Picket and Ike & Tina Turner.

The Club A’Gogo didn’t start its life as a venue for blues and rock bands.

The Animals also recorded a live album at the Gogo and even wrote a song about the place.

The Club A’Gogo has become an important part of Newcastle’s musical heritage.

It operates more than 500 stores in UK of different sizes, although they vary in size, location and range of products and other facilities but offers the same low price and customer service at every ASDA store.

ASDA supercentres, that is the combination of ASDA and parent company Walmart offers more than 40,000 products.

The ‘Gogo’ was to Newcastle what the Marquee club was to London.

The official website of ASDA retail chain provides all the informations about the products and services of the retail chain.Although it opened up in the early sixties when Rock and Roll was becoming popular in the UK, the first music played there was a rollover from the previous decade – jazz._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the mid 50s, Newcastle had enjoyed a very lively jazz scene.ASDA was founded on 19 February 1949, The brand was named as ASDA in 1965 with merger of Asquith chain of supermarkets and Associated Diaries.The name is the abbreviation of Asquith and Dairies.

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