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WATCH: Mama June's Amazing Weight Loss Transformation: A Complete Timeline From 460 Pounds to 160!With that, it was time to celebrate the new Mama June -- by burning her old clothes."If you keep looking back, you'll never look forward," she explained as she tossed her XXL shirts into the fire.June's daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson delivered the news to her mom, who was already heartbroken after getting denied by her date.

He is now a registered sex offender in the state of Georgia.

"You had the dang photo shoot and I didn't want to make you upset." WATCH: Mama June's Plastic Surgeries Could Have Cost Her More Than KMama June wasn't the only one upset by Jennifer's decision to leave her without an invite, however, as Honey Boo Boo sulked around until her parents decided to make a truce."I don't really care about going to damn Sugar Bear's wedding, but I know how important it is to Alana. I've got to fix this," Mama June said to the camera, before a quick call to her ex gets her re-invited to the wedding.

""This was all about revenge for Sugar Bear, but now it's about something more important.

"Thank God," she exclaims, before they pile into the car to head to Sugar Bear's wedding in Mc Intyre, Georgia, which has already been engulfed by a storm."When I left this town, I weighed 450 pounds, and now I'm a size 4," Mama June said as they made the hour-long drive to the house she shared with Sugar Bear.

"Their mouths are going to drop."The first mouth to drop was Sugar Bear, who after making peace, decided to invite his ex inside for a little chat."I have to say thank you in a way, because at first, I was doing this transformation to kind of like, show you that I could do it and make myself a better person, and show myself that was worth something.

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