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I took a copy of the book to the next town board meeting and presented my case one more time.

This time an old German gentlemen on the board by the name of Helmuth Dassow said he didn’t see a problem with it.

During that time I have employed more than a dozen employees at a time and have trained 3 state indentured apprentices.

My two my sons have decided to purchase the shop and are each starting their own business in the same building.

We added on several times to the original building and eventually moved to a new location across the road.

As of February 2017 I had 39 years full time in a business that I built.

Once the concrete was poured my brother-in- law Jim and I borrowed a large wrecker with two booms on it and lifted the large steel main beam in place.The rest of the iron I could put up by hand and with my father’s Ford tractor with the front end loader.So on and on the building went with some friends helping me here and there like Jim Arpke and Jim Slapikes and by late fall I had the wiring in place.I was crushed because I could not afford to build both a house and machine shop.I refused to give up, so I contacted the Sheboygan office inspector and presented my case.

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