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Rwanda is a State Party to 8 core United Nations Human Rights Instruments and has ratified a number of optional protocols including the Optional Protocols to the Convention against Torture and to the Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.Rwanda is up to date in reporting on all of these Conventions to the relevant Treaty Bodies.The Rwandan government and the RPF signed a protocol settling refugee issues in June 1993 as part of the Arusha negotiations.Instead of implementing the agreement, UN peacekeepers were overwhelmed by a fresh wave of refugees from Burundi following the October 1993 assassination of that country’s president, Melchior Ndadaye.Chairperson, Human rights are meant to ensure the inherent human dignity and equality of all human beings.From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the international community has built a great foundation of human rights law.The respondents in the study were sampled through the CBSP.

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Assessing family relationships and their association with externalising problems’.Findings also showed that sociotherapy has the potential to address both direct and indirect pathways of intergenerational transmission through its intervention.Read more about the research results of the WOTRO-project in this Factsheet: Veroni Eichelsheim holds a degree in clinical psychology (Leiden University, 2005) and did a research internship at the NSCR (2004-2005).She subsequently worked at the Netherlands Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice (WODC) where she was appointed on a research project focusing on the experiences of youths in juvenile corrections facilities.After that, she worked as an assistant professor at Leiden University (Criminology), where she taught a variety of courses on research methodology.

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