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Thus modern ALM includes the allocation and management of assets, equity, interest rate and credit risk management including risk overlays, and the calibration of firmwide tools within these risk frameworks for optimisation and management in the local regulatory and capital environment.

Often an ALM approach passively matches assets against liabilities (fully hedged) and leaves surplus to be actively managed.

This ALM solution also allows institutions to track "what-if" scenarios with strategic monitors that automatically create audit trails, analyze market risk in response to interest rate risk regulatory requirements, determine the accurate value for FAS107 reporting, and create detailed, summary, and variance finance and budget reports.

Effectively managing today’s balance sheet demands evaluating a myriad of alternatives in order to create competitive advantages for your business development teams.

We then benchmark our client's input assumptions to industry standards as well as our client's experience, including the results from back-testing.

As a final step, we make overall recommendations regarding our client's interest rate risk profile, ALM modeling, and strategies designed to mitigate risk, all in the context of our client's policies and procedures and actual financial results.

Reliable information is the key to successful risk management.

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According to the Balance sheet management benchmark survey conducted in 2009 by the audit and consulting company Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Pw C), 51% of the 43 leading financial institutions participants look at capital management in their ALM unit.

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Today, ALM techniques and processes have been extended and adopted by corporations other than financial institutions; e.g., insurance.

For simplification treasury management can be covered and depicted from a corporate perspective looking at the management of liquidity, funding, and financial risk.

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